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Believe, Focus and Take Action

By: Jack Grossman, Entrepreneur & Non-Profit Consultant
Title: Presidential Master Distributor - Black Diamond

After I recovered enough from my stroke and was able to work, I needed to find an opportunity that would allow me to earn a lucrative income on my own terms. I had been paralyzed on half of my body and had to learn to walk again... I even had to re-learn how to tie my shoes. There were many physical, emotional and financial challenges. I researched many home-based businesses, and I was not impressed with the over-rated products, high sign-up fees, and the inability for the "average" person to succeed. When I found out about Restart Your Life, I did my due diligence, and I knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

I believe that much of America suffers from Health and Wealth issues; or maybe they're just not happy with their lack of time freedom and quality of life. Whatever the reason, Restart Your Life offers a level playing field for those people that are willing to Believe, Focus, and Take Action. I surpassed my wife's monthly income in a few months, and she has been with the same company for about 10 years. Restart Your Life gave me my life back. The future is very bright for Restart Your Life and I believe we will create tremendous wealth for countless numbers of people. Especially if you are looking for a sustainable long-term residual income.

Barbara & Freddie Carter

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Eugeine Edgerson

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Sally Winey - Triple Diamond

Acclaimed Teddy Bear Designer

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My husband Bill and I had our first real experience with the corporate team when we attended our first national convention.

I have come to know the company and the culture of the families working to build this company, and I have always been honored to be a part of this venture. I have been to many conventions in my life, including mature companies and start-ups. We someday will be holding conventions in arenas with many thousands of people attending. This weekend was of huge importance. I am not over stating the impact on the team of people that were brought together from all over the country to celebrate this awesome company and our awesome health products.

This weekend was a magical time that helped build the confidence and understanding of what we need to do in this world to make it a better place. We all have a story in us. Thank you Restart for giving us the biggest gift; the confidence to help spread the word and share with others the personal and financial benefits of our great products and company. The convention blessed me and many others.

The Convention was brought to a perfect close as Randy Jeffcoat, President of Restart, told me the meaning of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. He told me that it meant "practically perfect", just like our company RESTART YOUR LIFE.

Odell Stamey - Blue Diamond

I've been with Restart Your Life since the beginning. I'm currently 76 years old and didn't really see myself getting involved with a Network Marketing company... this is my first MLM! I've started and owned quite a few successful traditional businesses, and I've never seen anything like Restart Your Life in my lifetime. It is amazing how many people have benefitted from our products over the last year. We have seen some real life-changing results for so many people. I've made many great new friends and my wife Laverne and I are having fun working our RYL business. I believe the future is extremely bright for Restart Your Life, and I can't help but think of the potential for young people who take this opportunity seriously and where they could be in just a few short years with a bit of effort. What an amazing opportunity and a way to carve off years and sweat equity from the traditional business model.

Donna & Joe Hanes - Triple Diamond

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The Restart Your Life Convention in Charlotte was an excellent investment of our time. Our primary "takeaways" from the event were:

  • The dedication and sincerity of the corporate staff. There can be little doubt that these folks are driven by what they do in this company.
  • A.J. Lanigan's sincere commitment to produce the very best product on the planet.
  • The efforts at all levels of corporate staff and master distributors to help everyone be successful with building this business.
  • The powerful testimonies of those having life changing results using the RVB 300 and RYL 500 products.
  • There was excellent feedback on the Trinity Lotion as well.
  • The convention was a product and business educational experience as opposed to one centered around bright, flashing lights, loud music, and hype about making lots of money.

Thanks to all the folks who worked very hard to make this a great FIRST convention and beginning for Restart Your Life. Thanks to all who attended, participated and created the energy needed to help so many "get the vision" of the products and the purpose of helping people with their health and their wealth.